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Michel F. April

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As a talented composer, arranger and producer Michel F. April constantly seeks innovation. Dynamic and creative, he collaborates enthusiastically in each project he undertakes, distinguishing himself by the human touch with which he approaches his work, as he likes to back up and support artists with whom he works.


For over twenty years, he has produced and co-written some twenty albums, scored music for more than twenty-five television series and created over two hundred cues for TV and cinema. Among his clients are names such as ALLIANCE VIVAFILM, DISNEY STUDIOS, FOX,WARNER BROS., CBS, RADIO-CANADA, Behaviour Interactive, Eset, Mavi Interactive, Cypherpath, CBC, ARTV, TVA, TQS, CANAL D, HISTORIA, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, BMG AND EMI. On screen, his evocative music completes the picture, highlighting and intensifying the emotions it awakens. On stage and in the studio, his compositions illuminate the works it accompanies, letting the interpreting artists shine.


From electrifying signature themes via pop songs to grandiose film scores, his works are singularly imaginative and demonstrate his huge talent, creativity, versatility and passion for his profession.


Michel F. April’s music knows no bounds. His works are in demand all over the world and played on video games,radio and television networks as well as cinema in over 25 countries.

Video Games

Deathgarden (Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight  (Starbreeze / bhv)

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest (Ubisoft/Dreamworks)

Planes (Disney/Pixar)

Monster University (Disney/Pixar)

Insider Threat (Mavi Interactive / Cypherpath)

Betty Boop (Behaviour / Ludia)

Agent Surfire / Breach Buster (Mavi Interactive / Eset)

Enemies Within (Mavi Interactive)

Battle Of the Plates


Monster University/Catch Archie (Disney/Pixar)

Monster University/Avoid the Parent (Disney/Pixar)



Two Secrets (Charles Dye)

Golden Nugget (Lisette Marcotte)

Joanna (Les Productions Des Trois Dragons)

Les Rencontres (Les Productions Des Trois Dragons)

La Maison Des Grands Fous (Le Groupe Sagittaire)

Les Sentiers De Ma Vie (Sogestalt)



A Changing World / The Nature Of Things (CBC)

American Idol (FOX)

The Arctic Meltdown / The Nature Of Things (CBC)

Down South Dance (TLC)

Transiter par l'Arctique / Découverte (SRC)

Mesurer les changements / Découverte (SRC)

France Castel (Historia)

S'adapter au changement / Découverte (SRC)

The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS)

La Victoire de L'Amour (TVA)

Toddlers & Tiaras (TLC)

Geek Love (TLC)

The Arctic Passage / The nature Of Things (CBC)

Adapting To Change / The Nature Of Things (CBC)

Mia Ridez (Biographie)

The Amazing Race (CBS)

Jean-Paul Nolet (Biographie)

NFL Football on CBS (CBS)


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