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Frederic Paco Monnier

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- Music Supervision + Music Rights Clearance
- Music Copyright


Music Supervisor

From Europe to Quebec, from Radio-Canada to Cirque du Soleil, via Netflix, Frédéric Monnier, known as Paco, knows music.


A true jack of all trades in his twenties: concert organizer, label manager, radio host, it was at this time in University that he discovered the secrets of the "music business". Paco is also trained in management, law and marketing.


Arrived in Quebec in 2012, he developed his skills and learned the codes of music to image. After a passage at "BAM", then at "XS" things get more serious. Paco creates links, connects contributions, projects, collaborations: Hubert Et Fanny, Jouliks, Une Autre Histoire, Until Decline, Netflix, Cirque du Soleil, Radio Canada, HBO, TVA, LG2, Cossette, Sid Lee, etc


He learns from each experience and from each client'. The challenges are there only to be surpassed and to bring a new skill and an ever finer knowledge of the profession. This is why, "What's next?” become his favorite expression which led him to found Melville Music. 


"To be a music supervisor is to know the music!  That is to say knowing all the trades that are related to it.  It is to be a man-orchestra, multi-faceted, versatile, etc. To be able to find music, release the rights to it, produce it, almost taste it. It is also being able to identify the needs of a producer, a director, the logic of a scene. It is reading nude pictures and knowing how to dress them. But above all, it is fulfilling tasks as diverse as they are tedious. We have to take on this work. I would say that for 20% artistic and fun, you have to deal with the 80% administrative that any project involves. » - Paco



2020 - The Decline (Netflix) (music supervisor)

2019 - Jouliks  (music supervisor)

2019 - Cerebrum (Executive music producer - 10 Ep.)

2019 - Une autre histoire (music supervisor - 10 Ep.)

2018 - Hubert & Fanny (music supervisor - 12 Ep.)

2018 - One of the guys (Documentary) (Exec Music supervisor)

2018 - Heads or tails (short) (music clearance)

2018 - Des histoires inventées (Documentary) (music clearance)

2018 - Sharp Objects (TV Mini-series) (Music exec producer - 2 Ep.)

2017 - On verra ça en post-prod (music clearance - 6 Ep.)

2017 - Big Little Lies (TV Series) (music exec producer - 1 Ep.)

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