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Christian Clermont

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Born in 1964, in Quebec City, Christian Clermont studied music at the University of Montreal and obtained a BA in composition. His taste for travel and keen interest in foreign cultures are for him a great source of inspiration and means to encounter new rhythms and exciting sounds.


He established contacts with musicians from both Europe (Eastern Europe, France and Italy) and Africa (Morocco and Senegal). He also traveled to the United States to attend Orchestration courses (New York, Los Angeles) and was introduced to modern techno music (Burning Man Festival, Nevada desert).


His career began by creating music for advertising. Gifted artist, music to image composer, orchestral arranger, pianist and drummer, he successfully compose for all audiences and can deals with all genres with equal concern for aesthetics and originality. Possessing a musical world of his own, he has composed several original soundtracks and original songs for many series and working on his first album. Great things to come ...




Pee-Wee 3D (Éric Tessier)

L'empire Bo$$é (Claude Desrosiers)

5150 Rue des Ormes (Éric Tessier / Cirrus communications)



Mémoires vives (Brigitte Couture)

Toute la vérité -saisons 1 à 4 (Lyne Charlebois, Brigitte Couture)

Mirador -saisons 1 et 2 (Louis Choquette)

Le Gentleman -saisons 1 à 3 (Louis Choquette)

Penthouse 5-0 (Claude Desrosiers)

Aveux (Claude Desrosiers)

Prozac La maladie du bonheur (François Bouvier)

Les Hauts et les Bas de Sophie Paquin -saisons 1 à 4(Claude


Sophie (Éric Tessier)

Cover Girl -saison 1 et 2 (Louis Choquette, François Bouvier)


Documentaries & Documentary series

Apocalypse 1ère Guerre Mondiale (Isabelle Clarke Daniel


Statsny (Philippe Desrosiers)

Brain Damage / prise 2 (Paul Nadler)

Parc Lafontaine petite musique urbaine (Carole Laganière)

La vie après la shop (Vincent Audet Nadeau)

Le meilleur de soi *Guy Corneau en atelier* (François Bouvier)

Tout simplement (Jean-Louis Côté)

Les ruraux du 21e (Alexandre Frenois)

Active toi

La Quête

Mystery Hunters

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