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Anaïs Larocque

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Anaïs Larocque is a Montreal based composer, whose music adds a touch of magic to the stories it accompanies. She has the ability to craft scores that perfectly match the story and the characters, demonstrating great cinematic sensitivity and finesse.


Anaïs' passion for film music has been with her since childhood and she is constantly pushing herself to reach new heights. Her hybrid composing style, which combines orchestral sounds, acoustic instruments, and synthesizers, occasionnaly incorporating elements such as vocals, creates a rich and immersive musical landscape.


She was awarded the 2022 Gémeaux Award for Best Music in the Documentary category, and the 2023 SOCAN Breakout Composer of the Year Award.


With a deep appreciation for the power of music to move and inspire, Anaïs approaches every project with a sense of curiosity, constantly seeking to create music that speaks to the hearts of audiences everywhere.

  • SoundCloud - Black Circle



  • TRUTH AND LIES (Rezolution Pictures/Taglicht Media Film & Fernsehproduktion GMBH) 2022

  • LA GOUTTE DE TROP (Films Extérieur Jour / Jérémie Battaglia) 2021

  • IN THE JAM JAR (Bravo Charlie Films / Colin Nixon) 2021

  • THE WALRUS AND THE WHISTLEBLOWER (Bunbury Films / Nathalie Bibeau) 2020

  • AGING WELL (Rezolution Pictures / Liam O’Rinn) 2020

  • UNDER THIN ICE (Galafilms / Denis Blaquière) 2020

  • RIEN DE BEAU ICI (Gabrielle Vigneault-Gendron) 2020

  • THE BROTHER (Films Extérieur Jour / Jérémie Battaglia) 2020

  • - 21 (Bravo Charlie Films / Colin Nixon) 2019

  • L’ÂGE D’OR (Emmanuelle Lacombe)

  • SAMI (Jérôme Léger) 2019

  • LE CRI DE LA MARMOTTE (Colin Nixon) 2018

  • COMPÉ (Emmanuelle Lacombe)

  • JEEZ (Colin Nixon)


  • SOCAN Gala: Music to picture - Revelation of the year 2023

  • Prix Gémeaux: Meilleure Musique Originale Documentaire - 2022

    Gemini Awards: Best Score: Documentary - 2022

  • Premier Prix Concours International de Musique de Film de Montréal - 2016

    First Prize at the Montreal International Film Scoring Competition - 2016

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