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Inon Zur


Three-time BAFTA nominated composer Inon Zur is internationally renowned for his emotionally dynamic original music scores for film, television and popular video game franchises, such as FALLOUT series, DRAGON AGE series, DISNEY’s FANTASIA, and PRINCE OF PERSIA series.


Most recently FALLOUT 4 was selected as one of the best video game scores of 2015 by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and Classic FM. His BAFTA‐nominated score for Disney’s FANTASIA received its World Premiere on Classic FM and was among the honorees of The Best Video Game Music of 2014.


Recent films include the critically acclaimed orchestral score for Lionsgate’s suspense-thriller RECLAIM starring John Cusack and Ryan Phillippe. Zur has recorded his works conducting the London Symphony Orchestra, the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields and the Chamber Orchestra of London at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.


His music has also been performed in concerts worldwide by A-list orchestras including the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall.



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Starfield (Bethesda Game Studios)
Syberia:  The World Before
Fallout 76:  Steel Reins (Bethesda Game Studios)
Prince of Persia:  The Dagger of Time (Ubisoft)
Outriders (People Can Fly/Square Enix)
Fallout 76:  Steel Dawn (Bethesda Game Studios)
Game For Peace (Tencent)
Fallout 76:  Wastelanders (Bethesda Game Studios)
The Waylanders (Gato Salvaje)
Fallout 76:  Nuclear Winder (Bethesda Game Studios)
Fallout 76:  Vaults (Bethesda Game Studios)
Fallout 76:  Wild Appalachia (Bethesda Game Studios)
The Elder Scrolls:  Blades (Bethesda Game Studios)
Fallout 76 (Bethesda Game Studios)
PUBG Mobile (Tencent)
Fallout 4 VR (Bethesda)
World of Tanks: War Stories (Wargaming)
Durango (Nexon)
Sybria 3 (Microïds / Anuman Interactive)

Fallout 4: Nuka-World (Bethesda)

Eagle Flight (Ubisoft Montreal)
Fallout 4 (Behesda Games Studios)
Sword Coast Legends (n- Space)
Dragon Age: Inquisition – “I Am The One” Theme (BioWare EA)

Asura Online (Tencent)                   

RIFT: Nightmare Tide (Trion Worlds)                                                   EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan (Sony Online Entertainment)         Sacred Citadel (Deep Silver)                                                                 Rift: Storm Legion (Trion Worlds)

EverQuest: Rain of Fear (Sony Online Entertainment)

EverQuest: House of Thule (Sony Online Entertainment)

The Lord of the Rings: War In The North (Warner Bros.)

Soulcalibur V (Namco Bandai)

Dragon Age II (BioWare EA)

Fallout: New Vegas (Obsidian Entertainment/Bethesda)

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (BioWare EA)

EverQuest: Underfoot (Sony Online Entertainment)

Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea (Bluehole Studio)

Prince of Persia (Ubisoft)

EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey (Sony Online Entertainment)

EverQuest II: Rise Of Kunark (Sony Online Entertainment)

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts (Relic Entertainment)

Lineage II: Chronicle V: Oath Of Blood (NCsoft)

Prince of Persia Warrior Within (Ubisoft)

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury (Zombie/Atari)

Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest (SOE)

Icewind Dale II (Black Isle Studios)

Star Trek: Klingon Academy (Interplay/Paramount

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