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Boxed Ape

Frankie & Ali Stool (PREFERED)_edited_ed



Boxed Ape (Alistair Kerley & Frankie Harper), are a London based composer duo specialising in music for video games and moving image. Often sought out for their distinctive approach to both interactive and linear storytelling, they have garnered a reputation for delivering compelling and versatile musical experiences.


Their compositions draw strength from a wealth of experience scoring expansive hybrid orchestral scores for major AAA titles to bespoke soundtracks for boutique indie projects. Their aptitude as composers is complemented by comprehensive skill sets and combined expertise spanning production, orchestration, recording, mixing, music design & implementation. Their diverse yet harmonious musical sensibilities form a bedrock for seamless collaboration with a commitment to originality and quality. 


Their recent work includes scoring Horizon Call of the Mountain (2023), Firesprite & Guerrilla’s multi-award winning, BAFTA nominated launch title for the PSVR2, Revolution Software’s Beyond a Steel Sky (2020) and The Bearded Ladies’ Corruption 2029 (2020) followed by Miasma Chronicles (2023). They are currently scoring Supermassive Game’s upcoming narrative horror title The Casting of Frank Stone set for release later this year. 

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Selected Credits | Alistair Kerley & Frankie Harper (now Boxed Ape)

The Casting of Frank Stone - Supermassive Games - Composer/Mixer

Horizon Call of the Mountain - Firesprite/Guerrilla - Composer/Orchestrator/Conductor/Mixer

Little Nightmares 3 - Supermassive Games - Composer/Mixer

Miasma Chronicles - The Bearded Ladies - Music Lead/Composer/Mixer 

Little Nightmares 2 NG - Supermassive Games - Mixer

Deceit 2 - World Makers - Music Lead/Composer

Zombieland: Headshot Fever  - XR Games - Music Lead/Composer/Producer

Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sister - Pixel Toys -  Music Lead/Composer

Beyond a Steel Sky - Revolution - Composer/Orchestrator/Conductor/Mixer 

Corruption 2029 - The Bearded Ladies - Composer

Warhammer AoS: Champions  - Playfusion - Composer

Battalion 1944 - Bulkhead Interactive - Composer (additional)

The Persistence  - Firesprite - Composer/Mixer



Selected Credits | Alistair Kerley & Frankie Harper (now Boxed Ape)

Laika (2021) - PitStop Productions - Composer/Orchestrator/Mixer/Re-recording Mixer

All the Old Knives (2022)- Prime - Additional Orchestration

The Adams Family 2 (2021) - Universal Pictures - Orchestration Assistant

My Name Is Lopez (2021)  - The Ebersole Hughes Company - Recording Engineer/Mixer 

House of Cardin (2020) - The Ebersole Hughes Company - Orchestrator

Mowgli (2019) - WarnerBrothers - Score Programming/Score Preparation 



Selected Credits | Alistair Kerley & Frankie Harper (now Boxed Ape)

Little Nightmares 3: Announcement Trailer (Best Trailer/Announcement Gamescom 2023) - Bandai Namco - Mixer/Re-Recording Mixer

Horizon Call of the Mountain: Various Trailers - Sony Interactive Entertainment/Guerrilla Games - Composer/Conductor/Orchestrator/Mixer/Re-Recording Mixer

Deceit 2: Various Trailers - World Makers - Composer/Mixer/Re-recording Mixer

Beyond a Steel Sky: Various Trailers - Revolution Software - Composer/Mixer/Re-recording Mixer

Call of the Wild: CWOA - TBWA\Manchester - Composer

Warhammer: Various Trailers - Playfusion - Composer

Lightseekers: Various Trailers - Playfusion - Composer


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