Benoît Groulx

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Benoit Groulx obtained a degree in composition, orchestration and counterpoint from Montreal University.  He has been working as an orchestrator for the film industry in Hollywood for more than ten years for composers such as : Hans Zimmer, Nick Glennie-Smith, Justin Burnett to name a few.


He also  composed the score for documentary films, fictions and cartoons.  As well, he has been arranging and producing music for Cirque du Soleil.


He is at ease with large ensemble and chamber orchestras and much appreciated for his unique sound, a blend of  classical style writing mix with a more modern sound.



As composer

2015 - Da Vinci (Moment Fartory)

2014 - Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (Toby Haynes, UK Feel Films)

2014 - Missing : un suspense interactif (Zandel Media)

2013 - No land No food No life (Miller, Amy, Canada, Films de l'Oeil inc.)

2011 - The Carbon Rush (Miller, Amy, Canada, Wide open exposure)

2008 - Montreal stories 1944 (Rose, Vanya, Canada, time's thievish progress to eternity)

2007 - The Pen and The Sword (Larouche, Pierre, Canada, Welcome a lot productions)

2006 - Steel Toes (Gow, David, Canada, Galafilm inc.)

2000 - Une leçon de chasse (Drouin, Jacques, Montréal, ONF)

1999 - L’erreur Boréale (Desjardins, R., Monderie, R. Montréal, ACPAV)


As arranger/orchestrator//À titre d'arrangeur-orchestrateur

2016 - Wait Till Helen Comes (Caramel Film)

2015 - Paul à Québec (Caramel Film)

2014 - Wallace, Randall. Heaven is for Real. USA: Sony Pictures

2014 - Amazing spiderman 2, Beenox, Composer: Samuel Laflamme) (VG)

2013- THIEF, Eidos (Composer: Luc St-Pierre) (VG)

2012 - UNIT 13, Sony (Composer : Jason Burnett, Hans Zimmer) (VG)

2010 - Wallace, Randall. Secretariat. USA: Disney

2006 - Goda, Krisztina. Children of Glory. Hongrie: Intercom

2006 - Pouliot, Jean-François. Guide de la petite vengeance. Canada: Max Films

2005 - Solomon, Courtney. An American Haunting. États-Unis

2005 - de Rycker, Piet, Rothkirch, Thilo.The LittlePolar Bear 2.

Allemagne: Cartoon Film, Warner bros. Studios

2005 - Hyans, Peter. A soud of thunder. États-Unis :Warner bros. Studios

2004 - Low, Stephen. Red flag. Montréal :Productions Michel Cusson

2003 - Low, Stephen. Volcanoes of the deep sea. Montréal :Productions Michel Cusson

2002 - Decter, Ed. The new guy. États-Unis : Sony Pictures

2001- Lowry, Dick. Attila. États-Unis : USA Network

1999 - Scott, Gavin. The secret adventures of jules Verne. Montréal : SCI Fi channel





2008 - Cirque du Soleil. Kooza soundtrack. Montréal : CDS musique,

2006 - Cirque du Soleil. Corteo soundtrack. Montréal : CDS musique,

2004 - Cirque du Soleil. Soleil de Minuit. Montréal : FIJM

2003 - Les Prix du Gouverneur Général. Gala télévisé. Ottawa : SRC

2003 - Le Puy du fou. Cinéscénie. France : prod. Puy du fou

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